Satta Matka Variations: Kalyan Matka, Milan, Worli and Other

Satta Matka is a popular game that originated in India in the last century. It is similar in type to the lottery and was originally based on predicting cotton trade bets between India and the United States. After the Cotton Exchange in New York discontinued the practice, players adapted and began betting on imaginary commodities. A Sindhi migrant named Ratan Khatri came up with this concept: everyone writes numbers on paper, puts them in a clay pot, then the winning numbers are taken out and the winnings are announced.

Over time, the original game has evolved. Currently, the game has many varieties and bazaars (markets with their own regulations, requirements, and restrictions) that cater to the varying preferences of even the pickiest gamblers. These include:

  • Kalyan Matka;
  • Milan;
  • Worli;
  • Main Bazar Matka;
  • Sridevi;
  • Rajdhani;
  • Madhur;
  • Supreme and others.

All varieties of the game are oriented to different regions and include different rules, betting options, and other nuances. Some of them are more popular than the others, but each and every variation captivates players in its own way.

In order to fully understand the way the game functions, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its main terms, which are:

Open/CloseOpen and Close are rounds that take place at certain times. Open in the first half of the day, Close in the second half. In each round, 3 numbers are drawn for the set. For example, there are Sridevi Open and Sridevi Close.
Day/NightAnother name for Open/Close.
Single PattiAll numbers are unique for either opening or closing.
Double PattiAt least 2 numbers are the same.
Triple PattiAt least 3 numbers are the same.
JodiThe extra 2-digit number is derived from opening and closing results.
AnkWhen the final number matches for either opening or closing.
GuessingThe act of predicting the Ank or Jodi in the game. Prizes are awarded for correct guesses.
The Chart of RecordsThe Chart of Records is the preceding results that one can use as a benchmark for making a guess for the next round.

Kalyan Matka

Features, rules and history of the game Kalyan Matka

Kalyan Matka is the most popular variety of Satta. The word Kalyan means ‘prosperity’ in Hindi and matka is a special kind of clay pot. On the other hand, the game is named after a gambling enthusiast named Kalyanji Gala Bhagat, who introduced the inaugural variation of the game in 1962 – Worli. 

When the game became available online, thousands of players got the opportunity to participate and win impressive sums of money from the comfort of their own homes!

Kalyan Matka Rules

The rules of Kalyan Matka regulate its gameplay and outcomes. The fundamentals them include the following:

Selection of the numberThe game involves choosing numbers ranging from 0 to 9. Players select 3 numbers and combine them to form a final one. For example, if the drawn numbers are 2, 4 and 5, the final number is 2+4+5 which is 11, but only the last digit is used as Ank (in this particular case it is 1)
Betting optionsBets can be placed on Ank, Single, Double or Triple number combinations.
ResultsThe results of the game are announced at certain timings. Players who guessed correctly win.

The betting window for placing bets typically opens in the afternoon and closes in the evening. The exact times may vary depending on the specific rules and regulations by the game organizers. It is important for players to be aware of the designated betting timing to ensure they can participate and place their bets within the specified period.

Kalyan Matka is a blend of luck, strategy, intuition, and numbers. Players analyze data, and patterns and trust their instincts to select winning combinations. 

Kalyan Matka History

Kalyan Matka has its roots in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It draws inspiration from original Matka games like Worli and New Worli. For the first time it was introduced in the 1960s. At that time the game gained immense popularity among the masses and became a prominent form of gambling in Mumbai.

Initially, Kalyan Matka involved the use of a clay pot from which the chits were drawn. However, it has evolved into a modern variant that no longer utilizes a pot. Instead, a standard deck of 52 cards is used with the exclusion of Kings, Queens, and Jacks.

Nowadays it continues to be a popular form of gambling all over the world.

Features and characteristics of Kalyan Matka

Kalyan Matka has a number of distinctive features and characteristics that set it apart from others. Thus, it is noteworthy that the game adheres to a specific schedule:

  • It is not played on Sundays;
  • The initial round is played in the afternoon and the final round in the evening. 

This allows players to manage their time and make strategic bets. The results of the game are also announced twice a day.

Milan Matka

Basic rules of Milan Matka game and history of its creation

With its origins rooted in Mumbai, the game expanded to reach various markets, and Milan Matka stands out as one of its prominent variants. 

The game has 2 rounds which are conducted at different times of the day:

  • Milan Day;
  • Milan Night.

Milan Matka Rules

In Milan Matka, to win, players need to select a pair of 3 numbers that they believe have the highest chances of being drawn as the outcome. These numbers can be chosen from the range of 0 to 9. Bets available to players include:

Ank It is a result of summing up 3 chosen numbers. For example, 3+4+7=14 and 4 is the Ank.
Jodi It is a 2-digit number that comes from combining two Anks. For example, if Open Ank is 5 and Closing Ank is 8, winning bet is 58.
PattiPatti can be Single (when all numbers are unique), Double (2 numbers are repeating) or Triple (all numbers are the same). 

Participants of Milan Matka place bets on different combinations of numbers. If the guess is correct, they win a predetermined amount of money.

The winning numbers are determined based on complete chance as the technology of random number generator is used to ensure fair play. 

Milan Matka History

Milan Matka evolved from a variation of the game such as New Worli after the discontinuation of the New York Cotton Exchange in the 1960s. The game reached its peak of popularity in the 1980s when it began to spread from the Asian region to the European region. Currently, more than half of all players choose the Milan variation.

Features and characteristics of Milan Matka

Milan Matka has 2 variants of bazaars: Day and Night. It means that the players have the ability to choose the most suitable time as Milan Day opens in the afternoon and closes in the evening while Milan Night begins in the evening and closes at night. It is the primary feature of this market.

Like the other variations, the game is number based. However, it is important to notice how the chosen numbers add up. For example, in Kalyan the numbers are added to one another and the final one is their sum, while in Milan drawn figures create a uniform 3-digit number.

Main Bazar Matka

Main Bazar Matka - description, rules and history of the popular game

The Main Bazar Matka game is a captivating blend of precise guessing and luck. It has an immense popularity among players all around the globe. People engage in this game with tremendous passion and on a large scale. It enthralls participants, holding their attention until the very end.

This game presents an enticing opportunity to win a substantial amount of money. It is considered one of the most sought-after lottery games in general.

Main Bazar Matka Rules

Main Bazar Matka follows the basic rules of the Satta game. Players choose 3 digits from 0 to 9 to get the final result. The following bets are possible in this gaming bazaar:

  • Single – placing a bet on a particular number;
  • Jodi/Pair – bets on a combination of 2 digits (from 00 to 99);
  • Patti/Panna – bets on a combination of 3 digits.

Every 3-digit number is considered Panna, but players only utilize a limited set of them.

Main Bazar Matka History

The roots of the Main Bazar Matka can be traced back to around 1961 when it was first played in Worli, India. As the years passed, particularly during the 1980s and 1990s, its popularity soared to remarkable heights. Today, it stands as one of the most thrilling and beloved markets, offering the participants the opportunity to win cash prizes simply by engaging in gameplay.

Features and characteristics of Main Bazar Matka

The main objective of Main Bazar Matka is to accurately predict the winning number combinations. The game revolves around analyzing patterns, using strategies and making informed guesses to win. 

It is played once a day from Monday to Saturday. The game has specific timings when players can participate and place their bets. Speaking about bets, in Main Bazar Matka available ones include:

  • Single;
  • Jodi;
  • Patti.

Sridevi Matka

What is the game Sridevi Matka and its rules

Sridevi Matka is a popular form of the game. It revolves around numerical bets. Players strive to predict the winning number combination to secure rewards and prizes. It incorporates components such as:

  • Charts – graphical representations that display past winning numbers and patterns;
  • Guesswork – a process of making predictions and placing bets;
  • Outcomes – winning number combinations that are determined at the end of each round.

All of the above adds excitement and strategic elements to the game.

Sridevi Matka Rules

Sridevi Matka is a game of chance where participants place bets on various numerical combinations in hopes of hitting the winning sequence. Players utilize their intuition and past experiences to make calculated predictions to win big. 

The game consists of two sessions, each featuring its unique set of draws:

  • Daytime;
  • Nighttime.

It is also necessary to mention the chart that knowledgeable players use to be more strategic about the game. It provides a comprehensive analysis of number combinations and their corresponding outcomes, assisting players in selecting numbers with higher probabilities of being drawn.

Sridevi Matka History

Sridevi Matka emerged as a variant of the traditional Satta Matka, adapting over time to cater to evolving consumer preferences and development of technology.

The game originated in India. Gambling there has a long-standing history, which is deeply intertwined with the culture. Sridevi Matka garnered popularity among enthusiasts who relish the excitement of chance and numbers, becoming a beloved form of wagering. It amalgamates elements of strategy and fortune, captivating players in their pursuit of rewards.

Features and characteristics of Sridevi Matka

The most important feature of this bazaar is the chart. It presents valuable insights into numerical patterns, trends and so on, enabling players to make informed decisions when placing their bets. It offers an analysis of multiple number combinations and their corresponding outcomes. However, guessing occupies a significant role in Sridevi Matka. While chance remains a factor, players frequently rely on their intuition, prior knowledge and other sources of information to predict winning numbers. Summing up, Sridevi Matka seamlessly intertwines chance and strategy, allowing players to engage in a captivating game that caters to their appetite for risk and the allure of potentially substantial rewards.

Rajdhani Matka

Rajdhani Matka - one of the popular varieties of the Satta game

Rajdhani Matka is another variation of the Satta game. It is similar in structure to Milan variation, however, it is preferred by those looking for a more fast-paced experience. In Rajdhani Matka, this is available due to the shortened time between opening and closing. This makes the game more exciting and addictive.

Rajdhani Matka Rules

Rajdhani Matka has a similar format to other Satta games. It involves choosing numbers and placement of bets on various number combinations. 

Similar to Milan Day and Milan Night, there are Rajdhani Day and Rajdhani Night. These bazaars operate at different times of the day, which gives them a special variety. Their distinctive feature is their fast-paced nature as the time between opening and closing is shorter than others. This feature enhances the spice and excitement of the game.

Rajdhani Matka History

Like other variations of the game, Rajdhani Matka originated in the 1960s. It was first played by textile workers in Mumbai, but as time went on, the craze began to spread beyond that city. It is called Rajdhani because it is most popular in Rajasthan, a part of India.

Features and characteristics of Rajdhani Matka

The uniqueness of Rajdhani Matka lies in their dynamic nature. By shortening the intervals between the opening and closing of the bazaars, the game becomes more intense and hence more exciting. 

Moreover, the game is available on many online casino platforms. Due to this, its popularity is constantly growing.

Madhur Matka

Features, rules and history of the game Madhur Matka

Madhur Matka is another variant of the Indian gambling game. It has its own set of rules, history and distinct features that make it different from other Satta Matka types. The game combines classic betting options and daily draws excitement and is available to play every day.

Madhur Matka Rules

Madhur Matka follows the classic rules of the Satta game. So, here are the highlights of number selection process:

  • To start the game, you must choose 3 digits from 0 to 9;
  • Add up all the numbers;
  • Keep only the last digit of the sum;
  • Combine the first set of 3 numbers with the last digit to create a first ticket;
  • Repeat 3 steps again with different numbers.

For the sake of clarity, the rules should be explained with an example:

CriteriaThe first ticketThe second ticket
Chosen numbers from 0 to 91, 2, 98, 5, 3
The sum1+2+9=12 (in this case 2 is the last digit)8+5+3=16 (in this case 6 is the last digit)
Combined result1, 2, 9 * 28, 5, 3 * 6

Note that this is just an example and actual numbers may vary based on individual selections.

After the numbers are selected, players shall choose a betting option among the available ones. They can include Jodi, Patti, and so on. They vary by the level of risk.

It is also important to pay attention to specific timings for draws. Players need to be aware of the designated time slots for placing bets and checking the results.

Madhur Matka History

Madhur Matka is derived from the Satta game, the original version of the game described in this article. It appeared in India in the 1960s, but it became popular later. This is due to the arrival of technology in human life and the development of the institution of online casinos. The game went beyond India and became known to users of various platforms around the world.

Features and characteristics of Madhur Matka

Players highlight the following characteristics and features of Madhur Matka:

  • Daily draws. Thanks to this feature, players can test their luck every day, which means they can win too!
  • Fixed game times. On the chosen platform, users can be presented with Madhur Matka draws that take place at specific times, such as Madhur Morning, Day or Night.
  • A variety of betting options. Players can choose from quite a large number of possible bets – Jodi, single, double and even triple-digit bets (so called Patti) and so on. This variety has a positive effect on the gameplay and makes it more exciting.

Supreme Matka

Basic rules of Supreme Matka and the history of its creation

Supreme Matka, also known as Supreme Day/Night, is a variant of the traditional game. While both games show similarities, there are some differences between them:

TimingIn traditional game, there is typically a single draw conducted in the evening. However, Supreme Matka offers one during the daytime and another at night. This dual timing provides more opportunities for players to participate and engage in the game.
Betting OptionsSupreme Matka introduces different variations of betting options a little wider than in the traditional game. They include Single, Jodi, Double and Triple Patti as well as Half Sangam and Full Sangam. In the latter case, you have to manually enter the numbers and match them in the exact order. The payout can reach up to 12,000 times the bet size.

Supreme Matka Rules

Supreme Matka rules are not much different from the traditional game. It has a Day and Night variation, it can be played on any day of the week. 

There’s also a Supreme Matka chart that exhibits specific patterns and trends that are exclusive to the Supreme market. These patterns may differ from the traditional charts and any other game variations. By using this chart players are provided with an additional analysis when making their bets. 

Speaking about bets, they include:

  • Ank; 
  • Jodi;
  • Single, Double and Triple Patti;
  • Half Sangam and Full Sangam.

The results and payouts in Supreme Matka are specific to its market. They are announced twice a day (hence the Day and Night).

Supreme Matka History

The game of Supreme Matka originated in the 1960s in Maharashtra, India, and has since proliferated throughout the world, captivating players from every corner. This game’s allure stems from its straightforward nature and potential for substantial rewards. 

Features and characteristics of Supreme Matka

Overall, Supreme Matka is a modified and expanded version of the traditional game. The main features and characteristics include:

  • Dual timing;
  • Diverse betting options;
  • Specific chart patterns.

This way this game bazaar provides a fresh and distinct gambling experience for players seeking variety and excitement.

Other Variations Matka

List of popular variations of the Satta game among Indian users

Apart from Kalyan, Milan, Sridevi, Madhur Matka and so on, the traditional game has many other varieties that are also popular with gamblers and lottery enthusiasts around the world. These include the following:

  • Tara Matka;
  • Matka 420;
  • Jhatka Matka and so on.

In Tara Matka players choose a set of numbers and place a bet. Those who guess correctly win. There are different variations of the game such as Tara Mumbai Day, Tara Mumbai Night, Tara Mumbai Main and Tara Mumbai King. The payouts depend on the type of bet and can be calculated based on the amount bet and winning numbers. There are various websites and apps through which you can play Tara Matka online, but you need to choose a reliable platform.

Matka 420 is also based on selecting numbers from a certain range. Players place bets on the numbers they have chosen, hoping that matching the numbers they have chosen will win them money. The size of the payout depends on the odds and the specific type of bet. While luck will certainly affect the outcome of the game, participants also use strategic approaches to increase their chances of winning. Experienced players analyze past results with charts, study patterns, evaluate their chances and make their decisions based on the results of their thinking. This combination of chance and strategy brings an element of excitement to Matka 420.

Jhatka Matka – is an online game based on the rules of the Indian gambling game Satta Matka. It offers bets on the outcome of various international lottery games. In it, as in the traditional variant, players choose a set of numbers and bet on the outcome of the draw. The bets include:

  • Jodi;
  • Panna (Single, Double or Triple);
  • Ank;
  • Half Sangam;
  • Full Sangam.

Winning is possible by correctly guessing at least one or all three winning numbers. Payouts are made according to the rules of the selected bookmaker.

How to Choose Variations Matka

How to make the right choice among all the variations of the Matka game

When it comes to choosing the right variation of a Satta game. Several factors should be considered to enhance the overall experience. Players can make their informed decisions by taking into account their preferences, ability to take risks and understanding of game mechanics.

Here’s a quick guide to help navigate through the different options and find the one that best suits the player:

PreferencesConsider your personal preferences when selecting a variation. If you prefer simplicity, options like the traditional game, Kalyan or Milan Matka may be ideal for you. Try to place bets on Single Patti or Jodi. It involves predicting a single number or a pair, keeping the game relatively uncomplicated.
Risk appetiteIf you enjoy higher odds and the potential for bigger payouts, try placing bets on Panna, Half Sangam and Full Sangam. It involves predicting multiple numbers or combinations. As a result, the complexity increases, but the size of the potential winnings also grows.
Understanding of game mechanicsIf you enjoy higher odds and the potential for bigger payouts, try placing bets on Panna, Half Sangam, and Full Sangam. It involves predicting multiple numbers or combinations. As a result, the complexity increases, but the size of the potential winnings also grows.

In order to make the process of playing the game the most productive, you should adhere to the following tips:

  • Set realistic goals, as along with winning, you can also lose;
  • Take an extremely responsible approach to choosing the platform you will be playing on;
  • Learn different strategies based on probability theory and other mathematical knowledge;
  • Trust your intuition and use it in conjunction with a strategic approach;
  • Learn from your mistakes by analyzing winning and losing draws;
  • Carefully familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, its peculiarities on a particular platform and make sure you understand them.

Play Satta Matka Online

How to start playing Satta Matka online and how to choose a platform

Satta game originated back in the last century in India, but with the advent of information technology has become available to a much wider range of players around the world. At the moment, this game can be found on most of the popular gambling platforms. It is extremely easy to start playing it. To do this, you should follow these steps:


Choose a reliable platform to play on;


Next, create an account;


Make a deposit;


Familiarize yourself with the bookmaker’s bonus offers and activate the suitable ones;


Find the game or any of its variants on the platform (e.g. Kalyan Matka, Milan and so on);


Read the rules of the game and terms of withdrawal of winnings.


Place the bet and wait for the result of the game online.

Also, for those who are just looking around and would like to try playing without using real money, demos are available.

A particularly important step in the above list is choosing a gambling platform. When choosing, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Reputation and license availability;
  • User reviews and testimonials;
  • Security and privacy;
  • Variety of games;
  • Payment methods and withdrawal criteria;
  • User support;
  • Responsible gambling measures.

Satta Matka App

Features of Satta Matka game from Android or iOS mobile device

The best online casinos not only offer their users many variations of the game (Sridevi Matka and so on) online, but they have also developed a special mobile app! The software product is much more convenient to use than the website and allows to bet anywhere in just a couple of clicks. Here are the main advantages of the mobile app:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Convenience and the ability to play from anywhere;
  • Real-time updates;
  • Push notifications about game schedules and relevant updates;
  • Bonuses and promotions specific to applications.

When choosing an app, it is important to pay attention to the reputation of both the app itself and its developer. Also, make sure that the bookmaker whose app you want to use is licensed and operates in accordance with the law. To ensure the security of your data, make sure that data encryption is used and that reliable and common methods are offered for payment through the app. The last tip for choosing an app is to familiarize yourself with the minimum required specifications and the compatibility of the app with the phone’s operating system.

Satta Matka Support

How Indian users can contact the support team while playing Satta Matka game

With the advent of technology, the game has moved from the Indian streets to the World Wide Web and has been made available to players all over the world. There are endless platforms offering to play it and its various variations. Some of them have also developed a mobile app for those who wish to have constant access to the game and keep up to date with the latest draw results. 

However, as the number of players has increased, so has the number of questions about the game itself. Therefore, each of the online casino platforms has organized what is known as a Customer Support Service. The main ways of contacting them include:

  • Live Chat;
  • Email;
  • Phone.

Specific information about the opening hours of Milan Matka and other game types, as well as phone numbers and e-mail addresses, should be checked with the bookmaker chosen by the user.